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    • You won’t believe how great you feel after just 10 days on the program!.
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    • Ideal You takes you from Fat Storage to Fat Burning in 24-48hrs.
  • Doctor Supervised, D.C.
    • Our doctors and weight loss coaches are with you every step of the way.

Water Weight

Lose fat not water weight! You’ll actually be more hydrated than you were when you started the program!

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Bring your body into an effective state of fat burning & see results quickly.

No Hunger

You do not have to starve yourself to lose weight with Ideal You.

Real Food

No shakes or prepackaged food!
Buy all of the food you need at the grocery store.

Long-term success

Ideal You Health Center will teach you how eat healthy delicious foods that will allow you to lose fat and keep it off.

Before and After

Fat is Fuel

Ideal You allows you to access stored fat so that you lose weight the healthy way, without decreasing muscle or water. Your body will burn 2,000 – 5,000 calories of fat each day, which prevents hunger and gives you tons of energy!

Don't Just Take our Word for it

Mojo lost 85 pounds!

Two years ago, Channel 955’s Mojo in the Morning lost 85lbs. with Ideal You, and the weight is still off! After years of struggling with his weight and looking for a solution, Mojo was able to get to his goal weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Congratulations, Mojo!
Mojo lost 85lbs!